About openbadje

Hi! We’re openbadje. We make everyday statement pieces for everyone, everywhere.

openbadje was founded in 2020 by four friends who wanted to build a fashion brand that celebrates happiness in the mundane. 

Our Design Inspiration

openbadje’s design origin is not linked to one city, but many. We are a global fashion brand inspired by the vibrant and diverse street styles of New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Shanghai, and Seoul, where our Creative Director has lived and traveled extensively. In today's age of global connectivity, cultures and identities mix and mingle. badjinc reinterprets styles in a new, global way, offering a unique fusion of borderless aesthetics.

How We Do It

At openbadje, we operate on a "smart fashion" model where we only produce what we know our customers want. When we release new styles we adjust production in real time, using direct feedback and insights from our customers.

This means we don’t produce large quantities of clothes that may not sell like traditional fashion companies, allowing us to deliver fashion more quickly, affordably, and with less waste.